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Whole World Botanicals

Whole World Botanicals

Organic botanical remedies from the Amazon and Andes, including specialized Maca, Camu-Camu, Chanca Piedra, and other high-quality products.

Whole World Botanicals was founded to bring you the best supplements from the Peruvian rainforest and the Andes mountains. TheirRoyal Maca, Royal Camu-Camu, Royal Cat's Claw, Royal Break-Stone, Royal Abuta, Royal Desmodium, Royal Lucraco Plus, Royal Graviola, and Royal Dragon's Blood are all certified organic, sustainably wildcrafted, therapeutic botanical concentrates, extracts, teas and specialty products. Per the Company, theirproducts have the potential to transform your quality of life. The Company iscommitted to bringing you some of the greatest, most potent, natural remedies on the planet.....

Whole World was an early provider of Maca root, a natural hormone balancer—to the U.S. market in 1995. They also introducedCamu-Camu, Chanca Piedra (Break-Stone), Desmodium, and other little known, but highly effective Amazonian rainforest botanicals.

Whole World Botanicals was founded by three social entrepreneurs: an American anthropologist; a Peruvian midwife; and a distinguished botanist specializing in species of the upper Amazon River Basin, one of the most diverse botanical areas in the world. Theirgoal is to do good work for all of our stakeholders: the Peruvian Maca farmers, the rainforest botanicals’ collectors and growers, our customers and employees.

Whole World Botanicals has personal relationships with herbal growers and collectors, and a hallmark of thecompany is anactive social mission to help improve the their communities. Over the years our projects have included the following:
  • Distributing thousands of notebooks, pencils, and school supplies to remote settlements along the Curaray River
  • Initiating a pilot Solar Energy Project with Maca-growing communities to demonstrate solar cookers and provide workshops on building a solar space to heat their homes
  • Partnering with Water With Blessings to help Camu-Camu collectors easily and inexpensively provide clean water for their families and communities.
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